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Make your organization Opportunity-ready!

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast.”
~ Peter Drucker

Your organization can leap frog competitors by changing your Internal Opportunity conditions to make the most of your growth potential

In the face of a volatile external conditions, it is more important than ever to make the most of your growth and innovation efforts by finding untapped potential internally

What do we do?

We guide you to inspire, cultivate and drive the internal organizational conditions necessary for growth

Understanding your untapped potential for growth: We explore your organizations potential for growth and innovation with our Accelerators Tool. A quick survey will give you hacks for upping your growth and innovation success by learning the top accelerators and how to implement them. ​

Setting you up for success: We help you jump start or ramp up your growth efforts through simple tools that build alignment around key opportunities and your vision for growth.

Why does unlocking new growth start here?: You cannot separate WHERE you want to grow from HOW you achieve that growth. Why? Because the growth ambitions and opportunities an organization chooses to pursue dictate the culture needed to get there. And the values, practices and mindsets that make up the culture and approach to growth dictate the ambitions and opportunities an organization can pursue. We collaboratively work with you to discover new opportunities and drive organizational conditions such as alignment to capture those opportunities.

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Why choose NewEdge?

Grounded in significant research on best practice: We have turned 20 years of award-winning growth and innovation research, conducted across 200 companies and associations, into a 20-minute tool that identifies untapped potential for growth and provides a roadmap for acceleration.

Changing conditions through Opportunity Thinking®: Opportunity Thinking itself changes the internal conditions. It leads to an inclusive dialogue about opportunity that embraces diversity and cross-functional insights. It shifts the culture toward a more future-oriented and external mindset, driving an aligned view of the future, vision and strategy that are opportunity-centric rather than anchored to a function or platform.

Accelerator Hacks: We have simple hacks that will allow you to quickly tap into your potential and drive a more cohesive and stable approach to growth in the mid to long-term.

Where do you need support?

Growth & Innovation Accelerator Tool

Unlock your organizations potential by taking a 20 minute quiz to see where you can accelerate your growth and innovation by working on the internal conditions for capturing new opportunities

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