Growth Platform

Cross-organizational approach to capturing big opportunities

“If we keep doing the same things and hope to get a different outcome, we will have to learn to live with disappointment.”

Why is Growth Platform important?

Big growth opportunities can only be captured by doing things differently than we have done before. Organizations are optimized for running the current business, not new growth areas

Growth Platform
While it may be clear that the opportunity as a whole is significant and imperative for growth, it is often less clear what the organization’s play is. How will you win differently from your competitors? What businesses and product lines should incubate opportunities first, second, third?
Companies are well-oiled machines designed to maximize value for the core. The systems, work processes and metrics are not aligned to support growth in new areas
Deciding to invest in a big opportunity is like a green light to the organization to generate ideas of what can be done. Understanding the spaces and platforms within the opportunity will guide the organization to the right areas for idea development that will be rewarded in the marketplace

What do we do?

We co-create the vision and strategy for big opportunities – and the ways in which your organization must work to capture them

Opportunity definition and vision: We define the real opportunity within the broad area. We point out your company-specific play and tie it back to your organization’s DNA, making the growth area more resilient ​

Opportunity roadmaps based on insight: We understand the opportunity spaces within the overall growth area because we gain needed insight from the broader ecosystem and current and new customers or consumers. We teach you how best to sequence the spaces, prioritizing the organic and inorganic efforts within each to maximize growth

Aligned ways of working: We show you how to define new working groups and approaches in order to achieve collaboration across your organization. For functions, BUs, or regions that are unaccustomed to working together and even compete for resources, this will maximize the value of internal knowledge and capability and ensure that growth areas do not languish 

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Why choose NewEdge?

Our Opportunity Thinking provides differentiated frameworks for organizing insights and workflows to capture big opportunities in new ways

Opportunity definition drives cross-functionality: Our Opportunity Thinking redefines opportunity, brings together the functions, businesses and regions around unifying customer or consumer needs, and provides ways to better leverage resources and ways to respond to common challenges in the environment

Opportunity Middleware & Road mapping: Our Opportunity Middleware is a powerful framework that helps define the spaces and platforms that nest within larger growth areas. This enables clear sequencing and road mapping based on opportunity-specific insights we gain from our Voice of the Ecosystem® approach

Co-creating the WHERE & HOW: We take your organization through the process of creating the vision, strategy, middleware, roadmaps, and examination of the ways of working which drive the alignment. We clarify the needed organizational approaches for growth as we go​

Case Studies

Where do you need support?

Enterprise-wide Growth Area

Strategic pillars, initiatives and growth platforms are too often force-fit into the organization as it is today, or delegated to a growth function that is disconnected from the businesses. But to grow in ways that leverage who you are and also embed the new capabilities, it is critical to involve parts of the current business and functions into a holistic approach. Doing this requires a crisp understanding of the overall opportunity, the spaces and platforms within and how to roadmap them

Sustainability and Digitalization

These three hot-button areas often exist within a function but impact the entire organization, requiring a cross-organizational approach for creating true transformation​

New Technology or Business Model Platform

New technologies (e.g., digital printing) or business models (e.g., NFTs) can be leveraged in multiple parts of the business and require a cross-organizational approach that outlines where sub-groups can work on different applications or parts of the opportunity ​

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