Growth Strategy

Anchored in opportunity

“Anchor your Growth to Opportunity and you will win today and in the future.”
~ Pam Henderson

Why is Growth Strategy important?

Growth comes from opportunity – and opportunity exists outside your organization. Anchoring your growth strategy in opportunity and then aligning work, resources and people around those opportunities is what helps you break free from incrementalism

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Growth initiatives that focus first on leveraging capabilities result in incremental growth anchored in the core, rather than (thoughtfully) choosing opportunities that create growth that leverage – but stretch – the core
Organizations seeking new growth are often faced with vague “transformational” areas (e.g., plant-based foods, electrification, digitization) without sufficient granularity to know what to do
Organizations struggle to align on the indicators and investment requirements of attractive opportunities, going beyond metrics to consider fit with your vision, capabilities and potential

What do we do?

We align around an overarching framework of growth opportunities

Overarching framework of opportunities: We imagine an overarching framework of opportunities that cut across your organization. It brings together current and new growth opportunities, businesses, regions, brands and technologies to create a more cohesive and powerful approach to growth in bigger opportunities  ​

Balance and focus: We consider your growth from multiple perspectives and offer guidance on where each part of the organization should focus

Organizational readiness: We co-create the strategy and the organizational dynamics needed to capture the opportunities​

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Why choose NewEdge?

We expedite highly aligned, actionable and inspiring Visions

Vision + Granularity: We provide both the aspirational vision for growth and the granular details of specific places to play and win – both now and in the future

Robust and proven Opportunity Thinking® tools: We lead you to bigger growth areas through better alignment via Opportunity Thinking. This provides powerful tools that create overarching opportunities for corporations and businesses

Simultaneously create the WHERE to play and HOW to win: We guide you in looking at where to play and how to win. The Where opportunities an organization chooses dictate the How – how to win alignment and the culture needed to get there. We show how to build values and behaviors, providing insights on making culture and opportunities stickier

Where do you need support?

Corporate Growth Strategy

Are you seeking transformation? Are you defining strategy for longer time frames? Are you defending against disruption or pursuing growth in new areas? Our approach provides an overarching set of corporate opportunities that bring together your organization and deliver growth in the short- and long-term

BU Growth Strategy

We deliver a growth strategy that clearly defines where you are differentiated and where you should invest your precious resources. We identify bigger opportunities for new growth, as well as clarify where you should not be investing

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