Innovation Strategy

Growth anchored in opportunity

“You can kill an IDEA... but you can’t kill an OPPORTUNITY!”
~ Pam Henderson

Why is Innovation Strategy important?

A powerful innovation strategy drives the organization to new growth areas. By anchoring new places to play to opportunity, the organization can justify innovation in longer time frames while balancing efforts to support the core.

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Marrying tech push and market pull is key to driving bigger innovations. The need to integrate thinking on and efforts in sustainability, digitalization, supply chain and new business models – and the number of players that impact innovation – make this even more challenging
Innovation efforts are notorious for struggling with a lot of ideas and small projects, rather than focusing on fewer, bigger opportunities
Creating a lasting, sticky innovation strategy that lasts through changes in marketing and leadership is key to getting traction

What do we do?

We co-create powerful innovation strategies at the corporate through to the BU and platform levels, grounded in opportunity

Single overarching framework of opportunities: We imagine an overarching framework of opportunities that cut across your organization. It brings together current and new growth opportunities, businesses, regions, brands and technologies to create a more cohesive and powerful approach to growth in bigger opportunities  ​

Justifying and balancing investment: We justify investment in areas beyond the core while also clarifying where to get bigger impacts within the core

Seat at the strategy table: We elevate innovation as a key driver of growth

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Why choose NewEdge?

We guide you to bigger growth areas through better alignment via Opportunity Thinking. This provides powerful tools that create overarching opportunities for corporations and businesses

Robust and proven Opportunity Thinking® tools: We have a background leading extensive research and work in innovation and growth practice. We know how organizations can better align the way they work to ensure they are set up to win in new opportunities

Big growth opportunities require new ways of working: Our diverse team has expertise in:

  • Technology fields
  • Market insight from the ecosystem, consumers and customers
  • Trends tracking

Deep grounding in tech push and market pull: This expertise allows us to create more robust opportunities that bring together the needs in the market, ownable differentiation through technology and an evaluation of the conditions that inform timing

Where do you need support?

Corporate Innovation Strategy

Corporate innovation functions often struggle to integrate the innovation efforts across the organization or transition their own innovation into the businesses for We solve these challenges in our approach to using opportunity as the integrating force ​

Venture or Incubator Groups

As the designated growth engine of the company, you need to clarify:

  • Where your efforts will take the organization in the long run
  • An innovation strategy that articulates your focus and gets buy-in for adoption and commercialization of the outcomes
BU or Regional Innovation Strategy

Too often innovation does not have a seat at the strategy table in businesses, being relied on instead for addressing technical challenges and supporting the core. A clear vision and opportunity-based strategy that balances the core with larger growth opportunities empowers the innovation function to lead in growth decisions

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