Voice of the Ecosystem® for technology, market and trend insights

“Our customers do not hold a monopoly on insight.”

Why is Research important?

Fresh insights that go beyond your customers are the key to identifying and capturing opportunities they don’t see or understand

Customer and market insights typically focus on how to improve what is, rather than articulating what isn’t
We need insights into what can be, so it is critical to gain insights into technologies and new business models through more sophisticated methods than scanning the environment for start-ups
Companies find it challenging to turn insights into a meaningful landscape of choices of where to invest

What do we do?

We gather opportunity insights from an ecosystem of over 4000 people to assess opportunity and its readiness across the three elements of opportunity: technology insights, market needs and trends

Insights beyond the core: We evaluate the broader ecosystem of people that participate, influence and observe, providing powerful insights into unarticulated needs ​

Longer horizon: We know that ecosystem members can see farther out in time, as well as the forces that will come together to bring some opportunities to fruition and cause others to stall​

Opportunity Landscape: We translate insights into a landscape opportunities and vet those opportunities with additional ecosystem members

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Why choose NewEdge?

Voice of the Ecosystem®: We leverage our ecosystem of over 4000 members and use proprietary research tools to capture divergent thinking, co-create new opportunities and vet spaces and platforms

Eco-immersion: We bring our ecosystem members to you, having them engage in working sessions to define, expand and deprioritize opportunities

Vetting Opportunity Readiness: We engage the ecosystem to vet opportunities and give us indicators of attractiveness based on the readiness of the needs in the market, the technologies and value propositions and the conditions ​

Where do you need support?

Opportunity Insights

Insights into the three elements of opportunity from the ecosystem:

  • NEEDS: in the market
  • VALUE PROPOSITIONS: technologies, services or business models
  • CONDITIONS: trends, regulatory and environment conditions that influence opportunity readiness​
Opportunity Landscape Development

Bringing opportunity insights together to form a landscape​

Vetting of Spaces and Platforms

Vetting new spaces or platforms for their attractiveness​

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