Anchor your North Star Vision and Growth Ambitions in both who you are and how the world is changing

“Without a vision for the future, people return to the past.”
~ Unknown

Why is Vision important?

Creating a growth vision that crisply articulates the future your company, business or platform will pursue is essential for both future proofing your organization and positioning it for growth

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Organizations cannot figure out who they should be in the future because they focus on what they do (their products orcapabilities) – not why they do it
Visions and strategies are often too close to the core or articulate moonshots that are not tethered to where the organization can win
Visions are too often aspirational and inspirational but so vague they give no direction for choosing the right opportunities

What do we do?

We co-create powerful growth visions, at a corporate, BU, Innovation function or enterprise opportunity level

Clarity on who you are inspires right vision: We help you define the DNA of your company – the WHY or the essence of who you are. This reveals richer visions for the future – and also shows where not to play  ​

Stretch that is grounded: Mapping the future onto your DNA directs you to the right stretch to protect, leverage and expand the core

Inspiring, aligned focus: Translating DNAs into Ambitions gives clear direction on where to focus and come together for inspiring a long-term North Star Vision​

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Why choose NewEdge?

We expedite highly aligned, actionable and inspiring Visions

Essence pillars give direction: We define your organization’s DNA and break it up into pillars of what differentiates and powers you. This mapping demonstrates how to stay relevant and where you can leverage your distinct advantages in the future

Where & How visions: We help you envision not only where your organization must be in the future but also how you must operate to capture the WHERE opportunities – from business models to innovation to culture

Toggling & testing: We believe in toggling. This process stretches and tests potential visions. We toggle between:

  • Top-down and Bottom-up
  • Tech Push and Market Pull
  • Future and Today
  • Core and Adjacency
  • Organic and Inorganic Growth
  • Global and Regional

Where do you need support?

Growth Vision

We offer Corporate or BU Growth Visions. Are you stretching out to a longer time frame or stretching beyond your core? Are you responding to the potential (and threats) of new technologies? Are you looking for transformation, or trying to state your North Star? Wherever you are, our approach leads to substantiated vision that inspires and informs the right growth​

Innovation Vision

We offer Corporate or BU innovation function visions. Too often innovation does not have a seat at the strategy table, in part because of a lack of vison of where the function will take the organization

Growth Platform, Venture or Incubator Vision

As the designated growth engine of the company, you need to clarify where your efforts will take the organization in the long run and do so in a way that provides guardrails and guidance as to where to invest

Strategic Pillar Vision
(e.g., Sustainability, Digital Transformation, Electrification, Plant-based etc.)

Strategic Pillars and Initiatives also need inspiring and directional visions. Taking the time to articulate where the organization will win, and where you will not focus your efforts, drives alignment that accelerates the efforts

Let's talk about getting started...

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