HOW we work.

You can kill an IDEA... but you can’t kill an OPPORTUNITY!™

Our Approach is based on that very concept.

It’s been said that no idea is a bad idea. This brainstorming mantra is meant to spur creativity and unleash a torrent of ideas by removing barriers of doubt and objection. We all know it isn’t true though—some ideas are actually quite bad!

The problem is not with the mantra; the problem is we don’t have a reliable way of producing or knowing a good idea from a bad one until it’s too late. As a result, in a world dying to have new ideas, new ideas are all too often dying and taking our hopes and aspirations for growth down with them.

We need to start with opportunity...


Opportunity is the path to killer ideas.

Growth starts with how we think...
Our video series on our Opportunity Thinking® approach
You can kill and IDEA... but you can't kill and OPPORTUNITY!
...It is the opportunity that both predefines the value of an idea and defines those ideas that will have
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