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The food, beverage and agriculture industries are intersecting with biological sciences and technologies in new ways, all with the goal of producing sustainable, healthy and delicious options for consumers worldwide.  

We have spent decades working with the majority of food and beverage giants to smaller brands and business units. Innovating in areas from ingredients and flavors to full-fledged CPGs. We zealously help companies Future Proof their current business models, functions and products while identifying growth areas rich with potential for both acquisitions and innovation. The work we do helps our clients prioritize opportunities over ideas, align teams against a singular view of the future and sequence opportunities spaces against the appropriate horizons.

Opportunity in food, beverage and agriculture comes from the needs in the market, the value propositions you can create and the conditions that bring them together. We look broadly at not only trends but the changing conditions that impact the industry.

Food, Beverage & Agriculture

Future Proofing Landscapes

Future Proofing Landscapes - Food, Beverage and Agriculture
Future Proofing Landscapes - Food, Beverage and Agriculture

Growth in the food, beverage and agriculture industry comes from analyzing future trends and conditions all the way back in the supply chain from ingredient sourcing, manufacturing and processing to packaging and distribution. Future consumer trends around permissibility, personal health and wellness, sustainability, format and flavor impact the innovation efforts happening today. Meanwhile the market, channels and business models to deliver to consumers are evolving rapidly, by analyzing not just the industry but adjacent and cross-functional areas we can best understand how to work towards the opportunities of the future.

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Our landscape database helps you understand the complex conditions impacting your industry.
Additional Future Proofing Landscapes for Food, Beverage and Agriculture

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Join us for an exploration of opportunity at the intersections of these trends. We offer Future Proofing Bootcamps through to full engagements that help you identify a landscape of opportunities that are bigger than those found when you look at your industry trends only.

Food, Beverage & Agriculture

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ConAgra Foods
Del Monte
Frito Lay
General Mills
Hormel Foods
Hormel Health Labs
Kraft Foods
Lamb Weston
Mars Wrigley
Molson Coors
NE Client - PepsiCo
Rainier Fruit
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