The healthcare industry is ever-changing with the post-effects of COVID-19, skilled labor shortages, the connected self, accessibility to care and personal health trends.

We have decades of experience working with a wide range of clients in the health care industry, from medical device manufacturers to hospital networks and their facilities to CPG companies focusing on healthy diets. We have helped these clients navigate the rapidly shifting healthcare landscape and discover both internal and external opportunities. The opportunities we identify help our clients sequence opportunity spaces around connected devices, labor savings, personal mobility and other areas where trends intersect.

Opportunity in associations, communities & non-profits comes from the needs in the market, the value propositions you can create and the conditions that bring them together. We look broadly at not only trends but the changing conditions that impact the industry.

Future Proofing Landscapes

Future Proofing Landscapes for the Healthcare Industry
Future Proofing Landscapes - Healthcare

We uncover new opportunity areas by exploring trends in other industries, external influences and internal functions. Changes in healthcare financing and the diets of consumers and medical wearables can shed light on new areas of focus. Autonomous robots, IOT, new standards of clean, aging demographics and even changing city dynamics influence healthcare facilities. And new methods of innovation, supply chain structure and business models create areas for internal opportunity.

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Our landscape database helps you understand the complex conditions impacting your industry.
Additional Future Proofing Landscapes for Healthcare

Ready for more?

Join us for an exploration of opportunity at the intersections of these trends. We offer Future Proofing Bootcamps through to full engagements that help you identify a landscape of opportunities that are bigger than those found when you look solely at your industry trends.

Some of our clients & partners

Astra Health
Becton, Dickinson and Company
Good Shepherd
Hormel Health Labs
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