Growth & Innovation Acceleration

If you want to speed up growth, then speed up how you invest in people.

Your organization can only grow as fast as your people grow.

What we do

Skillset & Mindset

Train and coach your teams to Think Opportunity and not just ideas. Participate in events, inspirational speeches, leverage town halls or even daily meetings to keep opportunity at the forefront of thinking.

Structuring for Growth

New ways of working – structuring & organizing around opportunities. Creating new metrics, teams & processes.

Driving Alignment & Change Management

Change management approaches are embedded in every stage of the growth process. Build a growth culture with outside-in thinking.

Assessment & Benchmarking

Equip your organization to deliver your vision. Drive alignment and the right mindset through your culture, communications and leadership.

Is your organization ready for



Is there too much spin and not enough forward momentum?

to align

After firms decide where to play, they delay in pursuing growth, slowly building alignment while markets change


Tried and true ways of growing in the past do not align with the new realities

aren't ready

People are your best asset but are expected to perform in new ways for new growth without new skills or support


What we deliver

We get there faster when we row in the same direction... together.


Immersing people in opportunites and ecosystems - from leaders to staff - reduces uncertainty and speeds decisions and actions


People feel empowered when they have clarity - we make the direction & plans sticky. When they are top of mind people move faster


We give people the processes and structures that make growth more fluid and easier


You drove ALIGNMENT around innovation at the most senior levels of the company, focusing us on HIGH IMPACT AREAS for growth. The real change started with your GROWTH ASSESSMENT which detailed how to leverage and build on past successes to ACCELERATE growth.

Senior Director Growth & Innovation
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  • We are not in a rush to get a project!
  • Our biggest impact is when we build a relationship before we pursue an engagement. It helps us design the right work.
  • Our client relationships are over 10 years on average
  • Give us your toughest challenges and let’s figure out whether we are the right company to work with
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