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Pace Of Opportunity Has Never Been This Fast
Pace Of Opportunity Has Never Been This Fast

In fact, it is likely to get even faster, meaning that things will never be this slow again!

Research-Technology Management - IRI
Developing a Long-Term R&D Strategy in an Increasingly Changing World

In this case study, the authors explain how companies can use the Long-term Visioning Scorecard for longer-term R&D.

Research-Technology Management - IRI
Long-Term R&D Strategy and Planning

Companies find R&D planning and investment over longer-term time frames challenging.

Research-Technology Management - IRI
The Future of R&D Leadership

Wider changes in the culture and the market will drive changes in the practice of R&D leadership.

Research-Technology Management - IRI
Aligning Marketing and Technology to Drive Innovation

Successful breakthrough innovation depends on integrating marketing
and technology functions, a study of 32 companies demonstrates.

Case Studies

Rapidly Driving New Product Adoption

Leveraging product interaction and consumer feedback for real impact. We were tasked with turning fresh insights into an engaging brand.

Rapidly Exploring Big Opportunities

We were brought in to train and guide the project teams in Opportunity Thinking practices / methods.

Exploring The Future To Identify Key Areas Of Impact

DFC wanted to identify new areas of opportunity with only one guard rail, the opportunities had to focus around — WATER.

Building Compelling Communications For A Product And Brand

We leveraged a myriad of methods to build and vet new brand positions, tag-lines and imagery.

Case Study - DuPont
Understanding How To Best Leverage An Emerging Technology

A fundamental issue exists when companies begin looking at an opportunity that’s centered around a technology.

Utilizing An Agile, Insight-driven Process To Test New Products

We hacked the timeline, creating an agile and insight-driven process that could deliver results in a fraction of the time.

Case Study - Colgate / Dupont
Rapidly Fostering Open-innovation Partnerships Through Co-innovation

Ultimately, they wanted to better understand feasibility and consumer response be-fore fully investing in partnerships.

Exploring The Unarticulated Needs Of Customers & Consumers

The greatest breakthrough came when talking to brand managers about their needs…and corrugate was never even discussed.

Stretching Existing Brands To Address Emergent Market Trends

We love the challenge of a one-word scope. Rapidly transforming opportunity into validated product concepts.

Case Study - DSM
Breathing New Life Into A Thinning Pipeline

A new approach needed to map the future onto core businesses in order to identify long-range opportunities, and drive long-term investments.

Exploring Technical Feasibility and Market Impact

While identifying and eliminating potential roadblocks. Getting alignment on strategic goals was critical.

Reviving An Underperforming Product

They needed NewEdge to find new applications / opportunities for cellulose while reinventing the business model.

Assessing Organizational Culture & Capacity For Growth

The lack of a corporate innovation vision and strategy beyond an intent to innovate and some high-level corporate strategy focus areas.

Building An Actionable Digital Strategy

What was initially considered a small idea, an untethered technology platform, became a bigger opportunity and critical capability.

Creating A Corporate Strategy That Stands The Test Of Time

Creating A Corporate Strategy That Stands The Test Of Time. Developing their innovation strategy and ensuring relevancy for decades to come.

Turning A Challenging And Unreliable Supply Chain Into An Advantage

The product was a huge success and created a mindset in the organization that was no longer tethered to a stable supply chain.

Launching A Disruptive New Business Model

While simultaneously inspiring an organization, and bettering the world. A new business model was conceived.

Building Significant Organizational Capability

Imagine if you could develop a defensible long-term strategy while simultaneously building significant organizational capability.

Rapidly Creating An Overarching Corporate Strategy

A corporate strategy that is so simple and clear that it delivers widespread understanding and inspiration.

Creating A Breakthrough Communication Platform

Iteratively and rapidly testing concepts with consumers. Using a highly iterative, cross-functional approach to drive co-creation.


Leading with Empathy With Pam Henderson, Ph.D.
Leading with Empathy With Pam Henderson, Ph.D.

Pam Henderson and Sue Pils are the guests on an episode of Owning Your Legacy, with host Laurette Rondenet.

CEO Roundtable - 2021 Tri-Cities Diversity Summit
CEO Roundtable – 2021 Tri-Cities Diversity Summit

Pam Henderson, our CEO, participated in the CEO Roundtable session of the 2021 Tri-Cities Diversity Summit.

Prestigious 2020 Maurice Holland Award
IRI Announces Winners of Prestigious 2020 Maurice Holland Award

Congratulations Pam Henderson!
One of the Winners of Prestigious 2020 Maurice Holland Award.

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