Voice of the Ecosystem™

Want to hear something new? Ask the ecosystem - not your customer.

Customers can't articulate the unarticulated - but the ecoystem can.

What we do

Voice of the Ecosystem

Are your customers giving you truly new insights? Often it takes a broader view – the Voice of the Ecosystem – to uncover needs, new opportunities or to vet innovation platforms. We talk to our network of over 3,000 ecosystem members – including Participants, Influencers and Observers of the markets and spaces of interest – providing insights on unarticulated needs, prioritization of opportunities, the right places to play and timing.

Consumer Insights

We use a range of qualitative insight tools but with a few twists. We pair up early and late adopters, explore unusual uses with unusual users and engage ecosystem members to uncover insights that lead to breakthrough innovation.

Opportunity Insights

Opportunities are a combination of market pull, tech push and trends. We gather insights into all three to provide a holistic view of the attractiveness / readiness  of your opportunities.

Ecosystem Immersion

Overcome uncertainty & make decisions faster with Eco-immersion. Give decision-makers a chance to ask questions and creatively engage the ecosystem to stretch, shape, pressure-test and sequence opportunities.

What's keeping you from

going big?


Why are you not able to break free to see the unseen?

Constrained thinking

Customers and internally-focus for staff constrain you to incremental growth efforts within the core

Small opportunities

The initial view of opportunities is small and incorrectly sized because of a lack of creative insight and stretch

Uncertainty aversion

Organizations are not risk-averse, they are uncertainty averse, resisting small investments in unfamiliar places


What we deliver

Breakthrough insights lead to breakthrough growth

Insights beyond the core

Voice of the Ecosystem® captures insights from participants, influencers and observers beyond customers and your organization

Bigger Opportunities

Opportunities are ecosystem-driven. Collaborating with our ecosystem of over 4000 members leads to bigger opportunities


Giving leaders first-hand experience with the ecosystem drives understanding, strategy and willingness to invest in new opportunities

NewEdge delivered $100’s of millions in NEW SALES. Your opportunity ecosystem approach to growth landed us the cover of Business Week! Opportunity Thinking® has moved us from a commodity to a specialty company with higher margins.

Eastman Chemical Company

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  • Our biggest impact is when we build a relationship before we pursue an engagement. It helps us design the right work.
  • Our client relationships are over 10 years on average
  • Give us your toughest challenges and let’s figure out whether we are the right company to work with
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