Digital Strategy & Consumer Electronics

Advances in digitalization and digital strategy are creating an opportunity rich environment. The pace of change in technology is creating an equally intense pace in opportunity where the biggest challenge is driving focus on fewer bigger opportunities.

Our clients span the gamut from consumer electronics and software to the base technology companies developing sensors chips and solutions, through to the traditionally analog companies struggling to determine where to adopt digital tools in their functions, products and services. This includes factory 4.0, supply chain, commerce and innovation. The key is to determine the timing. Our opportunity formula of need + value propositions + conditions helps us separate out the exciting value propositions and profuse needs from the conditions that make now, or the future, the right time, so our clients are neither ahead of or behind the times.

Opportunity in digital and consumer electronics comes from the needs in the market, the value propositions you can create and the conditions that bring them together. We look broadly at not only trends but the changing conditions that impact the industry.

Digital Strategy & Consumer Electronics

Future Proofing Landscapes

Future Proofing Landscapes for the Digital Strategy & Consumer Electronics industry
Future Proofing Landscapes - Digital Strategy & Consumer Electronics

We drove the decision for John Deere to move from outsourcing their digital strategy to the Microsoft’s of the world to developing digitally enabled products and algorithms moving from 5 software engineers at a corporate level to over 3000 software engineers. We have worked with companies in almost every industry – aerospace, building and construction, agriculture and food production, materials, dairy and meat and production, energy, transportation and more to determine where digital should play in their functions, business models and products.

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Our landscape database helps you understand the complex conditions impacting your industry.
Additional Future Proofing Landscapes for Digital Strategy & Consumer Electronics

Ready for more?

Join us for an exploration of opportunity at the intersections of these trends. We offer Future Proofing Bootcamps through to full engagements that help you identify a landscape of opportunities that are bigger than those found when you look at your industry trends only.

Digital Strategy & Consumer Electronics

Some of our clients & partners

Dell - Digital Strategy & Consumer Electronics
NE Client - Delta Faucet
NE Client - Harley-Davidson
NE Client - John Deere
Microsoft - Digital Strategy & Consumer Electronics
Motorola - Digital Strategy & Consumer Electronics
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