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The energy and utilities industries are in a period of rapid change with the rise of electrification, new forms of energy creation and the overall need for a clean, sustainable and reliable energy infrastructure.

With organizations ranging from state utilities to energy-focused National Labs to micro-grid manufacturers, we have helped our clients navigate the evolving energy landscape and find exciting opportunities. These opportunities help guide our clients' organizations with a roadmap for growth based on an aligned view of future. Our method helps our clients prioritize opportunity spaces around new forms of energy ownership and generation, energy requirements in transportation and mobility, grid connectivity and monitoring, microgrids and sustainable energy.

Opportunity in energy and utilities comes from the needs in the market, the value propositions you can create and the conditions that bring them together. We look broadly at not only trends but the changing conditions that impact the industry.

Energy & Utilities

Future Proofing Landscapes

Future Proofing Landscapes for the Energy and Utility industry
Future Proofing Landscapes for Energy

To paint a full picture of how energy and utilities are changing, we explore trends in adjacent industries, external influences and internal functions. Electric vehicles, robots, personal mobility, drones and even reusable rockets change how energy is used and the infrastructure required. New materials, connected devices, sustainability regulations and even city layouts influence the energy market. And new forms of micro-energy creation, grid ownership and business models create new areas of opportunity.

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Our landscape database helps you understand the complex conditions impacting your industry.
Additional Future Proofing Landscapes for Energy & Utilities

Ready for more?

Join us for an exploration of opportunity at the intersections of these trends. We offer Future Proofing Bootcamps through to full engagements that help you identify a landscape of opportunities that are bigger than those found when you look solely at your industry trends.

Energy & Utilities

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