Our experience.

NewEdge has 20+ years of experience...

Our industry expertise spans across numerous industries, working with businesses small and large - from non-profits to Fortune 500 companies. We work with executive leadership all the way to specialized teams within functions.

Working across industries allows us to bring insights from various places and make interesting connections - connections between clients, connections between insights.

Anchored in Opportunity, we stretch thinking which expands horizons, beyond the everyday. We can bring a perspective that pushes our clients to look beyond their current focus and broadens their horizons. Which in turn, allows us to make sure we haven't missed anything.


You deserve a partner with expertise.

Align around a common view of the future
Inspire stretch grounded in who you are
Construction materials, raw materials supply, building services and household fixtures...
Bigger growth by engaging the ecosystem
Sequence your hero platforms
Navigating the evolving energy landscape...
Innovating in areas from ingredients and flavors to full-fledged CPGs...
From medical device manufacturers to hospital networks and their facilities...
We have helped materials suppliers discover next generation developments...
...expanding your worldview to expand beyond your
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