Opportunity Roadmapping

You can't bite off an opportunity all at once...

Know where to go and when.

What we do

Balanced Portfolio

We map your ongoing projects and initiatives against the landscape of opportunities to identify areas where you are over and underrepresented. This drives the right (often difficult) discussion that enable you to deprioritize obsolete or redundant projects, and identify new initiatives that better align with your strategic objectives.

Sequence & Roadmapping

We sequence opportunity spaces, not ideas or projects. By bringing together a perspective on the needs in the markets and emerging technical capabilities, we roadmap opportunities to build capabilities and launch at the right time. This creates a pipeline of short- to long-term initiatives that inform and leverage capability investments.

Capability Assessment

By understanding the opportunities that will deliver growth for your organization, we can begin to understand the capabilities that your organization must leverage or develop to pursue these areas. We create a build, borrow, buy map, articulating capabilities that can be developed in house, licensed, or acquired.

Ramp up growth by roadmapping opportunities...

not ideas.


Shhh... no one is actualy happy with their roadmaps.. why is that?


Initiatives are focused on either tech-push or market-pull and do not bring together complete opportunity insights of needs + value propositions + conditions

of ideas

Roadmaps are short-term lists of projects without understanding key opportunity insights and timings


Pipelines are made up of small, incremental projects that don’t move the needle


What we deliver

We balance and sequence your short and long term efforts.


Bring together product and technology roadmaps into a cohesive set of actions that leverage market needs and capability building


Sequencing opportunity areas creates longer-term roadmaps that align the functions and enable agility in project definition and resourcing


Hero Projects are initiatives with greater growth potential that stretch and integrate across Six Sources of opportunity

NewEdge cut our time to market by 8 months and created the BIGGEST LAUNCH we’ve ever had, while creating our biggest open innovation partnership ever.

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