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“Product and technology roadmaps, done in isolation, are like ships passing in the night rather than a fleet of ships going to battle – causing organizations to underleverage their investments.”

Turn Opportunity into roadmaps

everyone works towards


How can you create roadmaps that expand and focus cross-functional growth efforts?

Narrow view

Initiatives are focused on either tech-push or market-pull and do not bring together complete opportunity insights of needs + value propositions + conditions

Ideas not opportunities

Roadmaps are short-term lists of projects without understanding key opportunity insights and timings

Small initiatives

Pipelines are made up of small, incremental projects that don’t move the needle


What do we do?

We create pipelines of short- to long-term initiatives that inform and leverage capability investments

Cohesive action

Bring together product and technology roadmaps into a cohesive set of actions that leverage market needs and capability building

Enable agility

Sequencing opportunity areas creates longer-term roadmaps that align the functions and enable agility in project definition and resourcing

Greater growth

Hero Projects are initiatives with greater growth potential that stretch and integrate across Six Sources of opportunity

Why choose NewEdge?

We sequence your Opportunity Platforms... not your ideas

Opportunity Roadmaps: Prioritize and sequence opportunities with Opportunity Roadmaps. We understand how, where and when to pursue growth.

Explore your Opportunity Platforms: We have access to a broad cross-adjacency ecosystem to build out new business models, value props and needs, which enables us to build bigger opportunities and ideas.

Inspire the organization: Inspire the organization with Hero Projects that build new capabilities. Move into new opportunities with cross-functional / cross-BU teams working on bigger initiatives.

Build Test Build: Build, test, build Opportunity Platforms with the ecosystem. Pivot faster (rather than killing an idea and inadvertently killing the opportunity)

NewEdge cut our time to market by 8 months and created the BIGGEST LAUNCH we’ve ever had, while creating our biggest open innovation partnership ever.

Director of Product Strategy & Process
The North Face


Where do you need support?

Align product & technology roadmaps 

Bring together the needs in the markets and the technology capabilities to address them into aligned roadmaps that build capabilities and launches at the right time

Vet and sequence offers

Evaluate the right timing for technology and product concepts and business models

Bigger initiatives

Create Hero projects that bring in ecosystem partners to create and vet bigger initiatives in your pipeline

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