With the pace of change, it's more important than ever to understand what's going to happen in the future.

But how do you know what you're supposed to do once you've studied that future?

What we do

Trends Reports

Engage your teams in person, even globally, in a highly efficient use of trends. We do the hard work of condensing hundreds of trends into a series of quick reads on topics. Access these one at a time or in a library. You will take the time out of learning trends so you can get on with executing against them!

Actionable and Aligned View of the Future

Build an organizational,  functional or team shared view of the future to drive faster decision making. Make it stick with a Future Proofing Playbook of your most important 10 trend themes and top it off by turning trends into a fresh Opportunity Landscape.

Trends-informed Opportunities and Ideas

Keep up with the pace of change by quickly informing your strategy through a better understanding of your opportunities. Use our provocative trends plus scary tales and fairy tales to turn opportunities into growth platforms and bigger ideas.

Future-focused Events, Communication and Culture

Create events that inspire an outside-in, future focused mindset. 100’s of people can engage in trends, come up with their own fairy tales and scary tales and turn trends into action with our Future Proofing Canvas.

What's keeping you from future proofing

your organization?


Are you using trends to justify rather than guide decisions?


Staff are unaware of how much is happening today, do not see far enough into the future, and do not sense urgency

Lack of

Organizations & functions lack aligned views of the future. Those views must include more than just external forces

Little to
no action

Trends explorations often end with being more informed, but not aligned as an organization on what to do


What we deliver

We turn trends into action


Future Proofing Landscapes ground you in today trends, future foresight and scenarios, readable in 25 minutes each


By engaging staff with the breadth of change across functions & businesses leads, we co-create a unified view of top trends

The right

We organize trends around needs, value props and conditions which allows us to bring them together into a landscape of opportunities

We just announced our 1st Qtr results and achieved 6x our normal TOP LINE GROWTH! The work we did with NewEdge last year is the KEY DRIVER of our improvement!

SVP, Global Technology
Armstrong Ceilings

with us!
With many ways to engage, you can choose what works best for your team.
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