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Big Opportunities

Ideas vs Opportunities

Think of an idea as a Koi fish and an opportunity as the pond. If you put one of these fish in a small pond, it will stay small. Put it in a large pond and that same fish will grow quite large. The fish grow only as large as their environment allows.

If we want a big fish, we need a big pond... if we want a big idea, we need a big opportunity

Understanding Opportunities

Ob Portu

The word “Opportunity” originated as a nautical term, Ob Portu which is Latin for into port. Sailors would yell this phrase to alert the crew when the wind and tide (conditions) were just right, allowing them to safely steer their ships and cargo (value) into port (needs). True opportunity is the combination of all three.

Leave out one of these and your ship won’t be coming in!

Leveraging Conditions

Opportunity is found in the changing conditions

The changing conditions — new headwinds and tailwinds — create opportunity. But which conditions should you watch?

Your organization and opportunities are a system made up of markets, functions that serve them and external factors. New opportunity is discovered when you look at change across all of these and their intersections.

Opportunity exists at the intersections
Changing Conditions

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