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We are the Growth & Innovation Strategy firm that anchors your success in opportunity...

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It is our goal for organizations to Think Opportunity so they reach their potential!

You can kill an IDEA... but you can’t kill an OPPORTUNITY!™

Organizations look for Big Ideas to deliver growth. But it is Opportunities, which exist outside the organization, that create the real potential. When we discover and choose the right opportunities and use them to inspire the right ideas, we win in the market.

You can kill and IDEA... but you can't kill and OPPORTUNITY!

We wrote the book on opportunity!
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(in Chinese and Korean too!)

How did we get started?

Our founder and CEO, Dr. Pam Henderson started as a Professor at Carnegie Mellon University. A dual-career opportunity brought her family to the Pacific Northwest, where as a professor at Washington State University, the National Lab called on her for assistance. She worked with them on commercializing early stage technologies and found that she could apply the same methods to help larger organizations, thus NewEdge was born.

18 years later and we are still using the base-line principles the company was founded on.

Who is the NewEdge team?

We have a team of 20 divergent thinkers with expertise in industries across our client base and backgrounds in business, the sciences, and creative fields. Each has deep training in Opportunity Thinking as well as how to facilitate alignment and the right outcomes for our clients.

Want to join our team?

Pam Henderson, Ph.D.

CEO & Founder

Mark Putnam

Sr. Advisor

Brittany Kunkel, MBA


Franco Zhang


Akanna Oor


Adam Reed


Kaylee Greene


Yesenia Sanchez


Dylan Dobish


Mari Page

Business Development Manager

Cathie Caron

Operations + Finance Director

Howie Abernathy

Sr. Director Brand & Design

Suzanne Vandehey

Executive Assistant to the CEO

Andy Shafer


John Salladay


John Stevens


Joan Giese


Minh Pham

IT Support

How does our “Ecosystem” bring you value?

We have an “on speed dial” ecosystem of over 4,000 experts across industries enabling you to learn faster and build bigger opportunities without having to build those contacts yourselves.

Our Voice of the Ecosystem™ approach brings you the right insights at every stage of working together.

Where else can you have an Opportunity retreat?

Located in the Pacific Northwest we have a 10,000 sq. ft. Opportunity Brewery™ where each project has a dedicated War Room. Overlooking the Columbia River and surrounded by 250 wineries, this innovative space offers our clients the chance to get away from the distractions of their day-to-day and fully engage to get those creative juices flowing.

Come visit your War Room and see what the Pacific Northwest has to offer!

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