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NewEdge wants you!

If you are interested in:

  • Innovation and research
  • Helping businesses grow
  • Business strategy and vision
Looking for Juniors and Seniors 
Each internship will last 10 weeks 
Experience collaborating with our team on projects for top companies! 

Dylan Dobish

WSU, Summer 2022

Being an intern at NewEdge was a wonderful experience that I’m glad I had the opportunity to partake in and enjoy. Not only does the company make you feel part of the team from day one, but they encourage you to push your boundaries and grow as an individual, personally and professionally. With clear guidelines, consistent learning and coaching, and an open mind, I was able to turn my internship experience into a full-time position within the company. I’m fortunate that NewEdge saw my potential and took a chance, walking alongside me at the start of my professional career.

Yesenia Sanchez

WSU, Summer 2022

NewEdge’s company culture creates a fantastic internship experience as everyone works on growing individually and helping each other grow and succeed. With their unique guidebooks, planners, and ongoing training, it is easy to get interns onboard immediately, minimizing training time and maximizing the hands-on experience on projects. Getting to work closely with analysts, observing and experiencing empowerment across the company, and knowing that it is a safe place to share thoughts and ideas, led me to accept a position myself.

Alex Lovelace

Spring 2022

NewEdge has provided me with more professional experience than I've received from any of my other internships and jobs. The skills I've learned during my time with NewEdge will seamlessly transfer over to any job I decide to take in the future.

Jennifer Warren

Winter 2022

Interning at NewEdge provided me with the opportunity to get hands-on experience working with a Fortune 500 company. Seeing the process on a microscopic level and working as part of a rockstar team strengthened my knowledge of what it means to put the team first, dig deep, analyze thoroughly, keep track of details, listen to others, and share my ideas.

Ekman Kaur

Winter 2022

This is a great opportunity to apply business/marketing theoretic knowledge learned through coursework.

Emily Paup

WSU, Winter 2021

My experiences as an intern at NewEdge have helped shaped my skills and career trajectory in an extraordinarily impressive way. I gained a mountain of information about the complicated inner workings of Fortune 500 companies that far exceeded the education I received in my business classes.

Chandler Kovacevich

UW, Summer 2021

This is the perfect place to intern as a consultant because your input truly matters. You can make a difference with a client, whereas big consulting firms will ignore you as an intern.

Alannis Smith

WSU, Summer 2021

As an intern at NewEdge, you get exposed to so many unique projects and opportunities that allow to you further your skill set. Unfortunately, my intern experience was fully remote, but I feel as though it didn’t inhibit my ability to feel a part of the team. The team was very inclusive and positive throughout my time at NewEdge. I remember when I first started here my biggest concern was not feeling comfortable with my coworkers, but I quickly learned that was not the case. The team gave me guidance and feedback on my work, allowing me to have a space where I could learn and grow as a professional. As my internship is coming to end, I look back on this experience and I am leaving NewEdge with a new set of hard and soft skills that I am very much grateful for. I am proud to work at NewEdge.

Akanna Orr

WSU, Fall 2019

Interning for NewEdge was by far the best opportunity of my Senior year at WSU. I started my internship by researching a number of fascinating topics like biotechnology, domestic and international food regulations, and even platypus milk. Immediately, I was taken under the wing of multiple NewEdge employees. They trained me on everything from the small intricacies of office life like proper email etiquette, to bigger workplace decorum, such as how to approach co-worker conflicts. My time at NewEdge as an intern ended in me coming on as a full-time employee. Directly out of college I was offered full benefits health, dental and vision and because of NewEdge I started contributing to my retirement at 22. Yay to being a millionaire when I retire!! Now at the young age of 25 I am assisting in project management; I have had the experience to help lead teams on project work for Fortune 500 companies and effectively manage duties such as budget, research, and client communications. Everyone at NewEdge genuinely wants the other to succeed, those who have been here longer than me invest hours of their time in training me. Meaning I grow faster and move up quicker, because of them us APM’s make it a priority to return the favor to the interns here at NewEdge. We want to you add to your resume and go back to class at the end of the summer that much more intelligent, confident and capable. Come work at NewEdge it’s fun and impressive.

Internships will start in









Spots are limited so apply today for any of our intern sessions. Internships are awarded a minimum of one month prior to their start dates.


What is the commitment?

20 hours per week
Internships run for 10 week sessions

Potential for full-time positions after graduation! 


What is the scope of responsibilities?

Support client projects with Fortune 500 companies by: 

  • Helping design, manage, analyze and participate in gathering market insights 
  • Contributing to actual client-facing work 
  • Engaging in potential opportunities such as client workshops and touchpoints 

Experience the NewEdge process, frameworks and culture through: 

  • Participating in team activities, training and meetings 
  • Presenting independent research findings to key team members 
  • Mentorship with an assigned staff member 

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