The ASA VITALITY Growth Assessment Tool

ASA is the proud sponsor of this confidential assessment and reporting tool that can help assess your organization's corporate growth strategy.

This tool is critical for driving alignment on how your organization is doing.

Alignment is the first step to growth.


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A Bold Strategic Tool to Equip You For Growth into the Future

While this tool is sponsored by ASA, it is administered by NewEdge, a growth strategy firm. ASA will have no access to individual answers or company-specific answers and will only receive an aggregated copy of the results.

We value your honesty and want to ensure confidentiality.


Why take this assessment?

Check alignment within your organization

A self-reflection in how your strategy is being communicated across the organization

Examine where your organization is most interested in growing further

ASA is offering this tool to help you position your organization for the future.


What can you expect?

Growth Strategy Assessment

This assessment allows you to reflect on six aspects of Growth Readiness:


Explore how your organization currently approaches growth and how it views, prepares for future growth.

View of the Future

Gain an understanding of how the organization views the future and explores trends that will impact its growth.


Determine if the current vision and aspirations for growth are being communicated throughout the organization.


Look at how your organization develops and communicates its strategies and direction for growing the business.


Examine how the organization structures and supports identified areas for strategic growth, now and for the future.

Organizational Alignment

Get a sense of where there is alignment in the organization around each of the growth areas, allowing you to focus future efforts.

It is designed to determine where you are in your journey to build a stronger, more impactful strategy.

You’ll receive a report in approximately 2 weeks that demonstrates your organization’s vitality, alignment, interest and provides educational resources


Getting started


You (or your support staff) will need to complete a registration form.

In this form, you will be providing NewEdge with more details about your company. In addition, you will be entering the names of the participants that will be taking the survey.

Participants should be a broad sample across the company of people who are responsible, accountable, contributors or informed by the growth strategy.

Once started, this registration form cannot be passed off. Please ensure that the person filling out this form has access to all necessary contact emails.

Upon submission of the form, the participants you designate will then receive an email with a link to take the survey. It will be one of two surveys, depending upon their position, regarding your company’s growth strategy.

Before beginning the registration, you must have your list of participants ready:

A list of 10 Leaders

(name and email address)

These should be people such as the CEO, Vice Presidents, Executive Directors, Senior Management, and the like. These participants will be taking the Executive Survey, a more in-depth survey appropriate for their level.

A list of up to 100 Employees

(name and email address)

They should include Managers, Independent Contributors, Customer Service staff, and others. These participants will be taking the Company-wide survey, a shorter survey that looks at how the organization has communicated its growth strategies.

If you would like to have more than 100 employees take this survey, please contact us at



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