Building Significant Organizational Capability


\ Challenge

With a broad portfolio of products, P&G is constantly looking for opportunities to make peoples' lives a little easier. Their internal processes were generating plenty of ideas, but much of their planning was driven by near-term (0-3 year) opportunities. To maintain a truly defensible edge in the market, they needed to invest in longer term opportunities driven by technology.

Consumer insight - a backbone of P&G's market success - would not be enough to get them there. They needed a proven methodology to look out farther, see the entire landscape of possibilities, and make informed choices.

\ Our Approach

P&G partnered with NewEdge in hopes of learning our Opportunity Thinking methodology and applying it to find new, disruptive opportunities. We demonstrated the method across each business successively, so that internal teams could actively participate in our approach.

In each case, we began by isolating key challenges and the essence of current successes as a means of illuminating new opportunity. Mapping trends against the findings created a P&G / business specific view of the future. Ecosystem members expanded on the urgency and impact of trends in this future. Next, an assessment of technical potential and new business models lead to possible value propositions, while consumer and ecosystem insights gave perspective on needs. Toggling between all these inputs revealed new opportunity areas that were then prioritized and fed into longer-term roadmaps.


At the end of each project, we delivered defensible, long-term roadmaps for the business. But that wasn't all -

Throughout the process, we engaged the people of P&G, to enable learning and ensure immediate alignment and action… because the goal wasn't to feed P&G new opportunities but to teach them how to find opportunity themselves.

We gave them a method that is designed to not just illuminate answers but to get the entire organization (and their insights) into the mix - giving people mechanisms to stretch thinking, create belief, and drive ownership of outcomes.

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