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to drive growth in and beyond the core

“It is better to have 10,000 people thinking about 10 trends than 10 people thinking about 10,000 trends.”
~ Pam Henderson, Ph.D

Discover How to Future Proof

your organization


Why trends are used to justify rather than guide decisions


Staff are unaware of how much is happening today, do not see far enough into the future, and do not sense urgency


Organizations & functions lack aligned views of the future. Those views must include more than just external forces


Trends explorations often end with being more informed, but not aligned as an organization on what to do


What do we do?

We turn trends into action.


Future Proofing Landscapes ground you in today trends, future foresight and scenarios, readable in 25 minutes each

More aligned

By engaging staff with the breadth of change across functions & businesses leads, we co-create a unified view of top trends


We organize trends around needs, value props and conditions which allows us to bring them together into a landscape of opportunities

Why choose NewEdge?

We look at trends holistically for richer opportunities.

Efficient view of depth, breadth & interactions: We’ve done the leg work for you, creating trends cheat sheets you can read in 20 minutes. They capture a surprising breadth and depth of change as seen in hundreds of reports, start-up scouting, and interviews. These allow execs to efficiently explore the interactions between trends beyond vague megatrends like “electrification” or one-off instances of start-ups

Today and the Future: We provide two lenses for tracking trends: assessing what’s important today, and predicting the trends of the future. We provide insights relevant to your core – current projects through to long-range planning

Directly informs Opportunity: Our trends reports are designed around the three pillars of Opportunity: needs, potential value propositions and broader conditions

We just announced our 1st Qtr results and achieved 6x our normal TOP LINE GROWTH! The work we did with NewEdge last year is the KEY DRIVER of our improvement!

SVP, Global Technology
Armstrong Ceilings


Where do you need support?

Actionable and Aligned View of the Future

Engage your organization, from small team to global org, in a highly efficient evaluation of trends. Build a common view of the future, a Future Proofing Playbook with your top 10 trend themes and a trends-driven Opportunity Landscape 

Trends-informed Opportunities and Ideas

Keep up with the pace of change and apply trends to your vision and strategy work. This will inform your top opportunities or generate the right opportunity platforms and ideas

Future-focused Events, Communication and Culture

Align, inspire and drive a future-focused mindset and skills in your organization through ongoing communication and events

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