Aligning Marketing and Technology to Drive Innovation

Dec 22, 2015

Successful breakthrough innovation depends on integrating marketing and technology functions, a study of 32 companies demonstrates.

Research-Technology Management - IRI

Ronald Cotterman, Alan Fusfeld, Pamela Henderson, Jonathan Leder,
Carl Loweth, and Anthony Metoyer

OVERVIEW: Creating breakthrough innovations requires alignment of both marketing and R&D processes within organizations. In a study aimed at determining the most effective practices for developing innovative new products, executives from 32 successful technology companies were interviewed. Success in achieving breakthrough innovation was found to depend strongly on the nature of a fi rm’s organizational structure, market research processes and corporate culture. Those companies with a history of successful breakthrough innovation have established processes that integrate marketing and technology functions. They utilize cross-functional teams that identify more strongly with the innovation project than with their functional orientation, participate in idea generation processes that marry marketing pull and technology push, engage both marketing and R&D staff in market research processes, and integrate R&D and market inputs when selecting innovation targets.

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