Developing a Long-Term R&D Strategy in an Increasingly Changing World

Oct 22, 2021

In this case study, the authors explain how companies can use the Longterm Visioning Scorecard for longer-term R&D.

Research-Technology Management - IRI

Pam Henderson, Mark A. Putnam, Terry L. Rosenstiel, and Kent M. Young

OVERVIEW: The 2021 Holland Award article, “Long-Term R&D Strategy and Planning,” showed that companies struggle to determine where to invest their R&D efforts in longer-term technology platforms and projects. The work resulted in the development of a Long-term Visioning Scorecard with key elements that support confidence and R&D investments in opportunities. This case study illustrates the application of the scorecard and best practices for long-term R&D strategy. It highlights efforts DSM used to grow its Dyneema business, including the adoption of new practices that enriched the insights gathered and tools used to formulate a growth strategy. The intent is to provide R&D leaders with an example of new approaches that will help them advance their practice for longer-term R&D.

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