Voice of the Ecosystem™

You can’t think opportunity if

you don’t think ecosystem


How can you break free to see the unseen?

Constrained thinking

Customers and internally-focus for staff constrain you to incremental growth efforts within the core

Small opportunities

The initial view of opportunities is small and incorrectly sized because of a lack of creative insight and stretch

Uncertainty aversion

Organizations are not risk-averse, they are uncertainty averse, resisting small investments in unfamiliar places


What do we do?

We gather fresh, opportunity insights that go beyond your customers

Insights beyond the core

Voice of the Ecosystem® captures insights from participants, influencers and observers beyond customers and your organization

Bigger Opportunities

Opportunities are ecosystem-driven. Collaborating with our ecosystem of over 4000 members leads to bigger opportunities

New Opportunities

Giving leaders first-hand experience with the ecosystem drives understanding, strategy and willingness to invest in new opportunities

Why choose NewEdge?

We help overcome uncertainty & make decisions faster.

Voice of the Ecosystem™: We leverage our ecosystem of over 4000 members and use proprietary research tools to capture divergent thinking, co-create new opportunities and vet spaces and platforms

Eco-immersion: We bring our ecosystem members to you, having them engage in working sessions to define, expand and deprioritize opportunities

Vetting Opportunity Readiness: We engage the ecosystem to vet opportunities and give us indicators of attractiveness based on the readiness of the needs in the market, the technologies and value propositions and the conditions ​

NewEdge delivered $100’s of millions in NEW SALES. Your opportunity ecosystem approach to growth landed us the cover of Business Week! Opportunity Thinking® has moved us from a commodity to a specialty company with higher margins.

Eastman Chemical Company


Where do you need support?

Opportunity Insights

Insights into the three elements of opportunity from the ecosystem:

  • NEEDS: in the market
  • VALUE PROPOSITIONS: technologies, services or business models
  • CONDITIONS: trends, regulatory and environment conditions that influence opportunity readiness​
Opportunity Landscape Development

Bringing opportunity insights together to form a landscape​

Vetting of Spaces and Platforms

Vetting new spaces or platforms for their attractiveness​

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